You’ll love granny phone chat with me!

granny phone chatOh sweetheart, don’t you worry! You are going to absolutely love granny phone chat with me! I am sweet and loving and everything your little heart has been dreaming of since you were little. I know that you used to peep at me when I was changing baby, come on now, granny isn’t stupid! Why do you think I always left the door cracked open? I wanted you too see me, I wanted you to watch me do all those dirty things I would do with the door open. I knew that your little peepee would get really hard every single time that you saw granny masturbate or shower or change my clothes. Now it is time to stop watching me and start joining me! Get on over here hunni, come and give granny’s pussy all the attention it needs so badly! You can’t resist me baby, granny knows just what you need and I promise you will love every second of it!

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