bossy mommy

phone chat numbersI am not rough with my boys for no reason. I like to show them whats right and what wrong. I have no problem putting them in their place. I caught my youngest going through my panty drawer. I understand hes a growing boy and wouldn’t have no one bit of problem showing him my knickers. I am always down for a show and tell session. I don’t like the face that he lied and went behind my back. I had to punish him and put him in his place. First thing is first. I made him drop his shorts down to his ankles. Then I began to whip his bare ass with a paddle board. His bright red bum was in so much pain. I then made him eat my cunt till I climax. He was so stiff in his pants as he swirled his tongue on mommas twat. I then gave him a blow job and reassured him to be more open with me next time.

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