Phone Chat Numbers and Mommy’s Dirty Boy

Phone Chat Numbers

I found some phone chat numbers on a piece of paper when I was going through my little boys pants pockets before I threw them in the washing machine. Being the curious Mommy that I am, I had to call them. I was shocked and turned on at just how dirty, kinky and nasty they were. Mommy went into your room to confront you about the dirty phone numbers.

When I opened your door I found my little boy jacking off with my dirty panties. You had wrapped a pair of my soft smooth satin panties around your hard cock. Your were stroking your cock so hard that you didn’t even realize Mommy had walked into your room. I ask you what you were doing and you tried to hide your erection from Mommy.

Mommy then told you that she had found the numbers to the dirty sex line in your pants pocket. Your face was glowing red from embarrassment. It made my Mommy pussy hot and wet watching you stutter around trying to explain away the fact that you have been a very dirty naughty little boy. Not only have you been stealing Mommy’s dirty panties to jack off with but you have been doing it will talking nasty to women on a phone sex line.

Mommy made you bend over your bed. I spanked your ass a few times with my hand before pulling your ass checks apart. Mommy put two of her fingers in your tight puckered ass. I told you to pick up my dirty panties and inhale deeply.

Mommy phone chat

Mommy wanted her little boy to keep smelling her dirty pussy covered panties as I finger fucked your tight ass and talked dirty to you just like the women on the mommy phone chat line. I reached around and started tugging on your cock telling you what a dirty panty whore you are as I slid a third finger into your ass. I hit your P-spot causing you to squirt your spermie cummy all over your bed.

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