Age Play Fantasy With Daddy

age play fantasy (2)

I felt so honored, he’d been waiting for months to get a chance to talk to me. He’d had my little ass in his sights for a while but a cute little girl like me is very popular. Especially with all the Daddy’s that want my cute teen body, my young innocent voice and my age play fantasy experience. What would they do without me? This Daddy in particular loved how incredibly young I look, how my pictures are exactly what he wanted to think about. So fucking little and undeveloped! I really do look like the age that Daddy wanted me to be, with no hair anywhere on me and a tiny bald pussy that needs fucking. Small little titties too…just like he imagined. He was so surprised when my sweet voice coaxed him into blowing his load much quicker than he was used to but I know he loved every minute of it too! I couldn’t blame him though, I was turned on being his never touched before girl, his sweet darling that would do ANYTHING for him!

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