Mother/Daughter Duo

phone chat numbers dorisIf you have ever dreamed of being with a mother and daughter then Inez and I are the ones for you. We are kinky and dirty and have no limits when it comes to sharing a man and sharing each other with a man. Bring your meat to the table and let us put it between our wonder bread for a sandwich that is smothered in thick milky special sauce produced just for you. Let us show you how it is done. We can cater to whatever taste you have. Want it raunchy? We have you covered. Want it erotic? We know how to play that game to. How about we role play your favorite fantasy until your dick explodes with pleasure. Do you think you can handle two beautiful women with long flowing hair. One that acts young and innocent, but is not, I can assure you. And one that loves to share her experience, knowledge and uninhibited ways with you. Our phone chat numbers are the last ones you will ever need, We promise big boy!

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