Age play fantasy with Sidney

Age play fantasy

My tight pink cunny has been my brother’s favorite growing up. He has always loved to eat my tight cunny. Once I started getting hair on my cunt, my brother taught me how to keep my pussy bald. He got a warm bath ready for the two of us. He undressed me, kissing every part of my body as he took my clothes off. I helped him out of his clothes, taking my time with his pants. I pulled his hard cock out and started sucking his cock. He moaned as he leaned his head back and shoved his cock down my throat. He started to slowly fuck my throat and stopped. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and helped me up. He stepped into the bath tub and helped me in. He sat me down into his lap and he started rubbing my naked body with soap. He got to my tight cunny and shook his head. He whispered in my ear “I only want bald cunnies.” I sat up on the edge of the tub as he put shaving cream on me. He started shaving my pussy. I was so scared as he shaved me!  When he was done my brother licked and finger fucked my tight freshly bald cunny!

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