Aunt Gladys’s Little Toilet Boy

phone chat numbers gladysI am such a dirty Mommy. I have only girls but I have recently learned being a dirty auntie to a nasty boy is really fun as well. Every time my nephew is around I see him peeking under the bathroom door, This time I spoke his name firmly and instructed him to come in and speak to me. When I ask him angrily why he keeps looking at me under the door, he confesses he loves watching me pee. He admits to fantasizing about tasting my golden liquid. Intrigued I tell him to come closer. As he leans in, I pull him even closer, planting his face right at my pussy. I tell him his auntie is going to make him a very happy boy. With his face in front of me I let out a large stream of urine. It splashes in his face and down his chin. He opens wide and catches as much as he can in his mouth, exclaiming at how wonderful I taste. As I finish urinating, I pull his face even closer until he is burying his head between my pussy lips. I tell him to use his tongue to clean me up and he licks away all traces of piss, very happy to be Auntie Gladys’s little toilet boy.

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