Bad Girls Like Me


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Daddy always says that bad slutty girls like me need to be put in our place. I was once an innocent little teen, but I got into the bad girl crowd at school and learned that I love being a naughty skank just like them. Every day, I go to school in the sluttiest, shortest school girl outfits so I can show off my tiny, slutty body. I get fucked by all the teachers and boys at school and I love stealing mommy’s fuck toys. Apparently, I’m not too good at hiding the things I steal, when I got home from school, Daddy was in the living room waiting for me. In front of him, on the coffee table, were all the toys I had taken from mommy’s closet. He told me to bend over his lap and get punished for being a sneaky whore. Daddy lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down and spanked my bare ass over and over again until my ass cheeks were bright red with handprints and welts. Daddy then pried my ass cheeks open and told me that if I wanted to be a dirty thieving whore and steal mommy’s toys, he’s going to use them on me. He pushed Mommy’s dildo deep into my pussy and her vibrator into my ass. Then daddy got up, took off his pants and fucked me until I squirted all over him.

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