Bad Girls Rock

phone char numbers alanzaI decided I needed a hobby. I have always liked art and decided I would take an art class at the local community college. The first class had my attention in more ways then one. I was interested in the art aspect but the teacher was beyond hot and my mind was filled with images of things I would like to do to her. She had dark olive skin like mine and dark hair only she was from France and had that accent that made my cunt drip and my nipples hard for wanting to feel her mouth on mine. I had been in the class for a few weeks and it seemed that she didn’t notice me at all. Finally she gave us a sculpting assignment. She wanted us to sculpt something that was in the realist style, not interpretative and it must be sculpted out of a natural substance, the example she gave was a fish carved out of wood. I spent hours and used up countless bags of apples to get my skull just right. I was hoping she would finally notice me. After all I was being artistic and creative and unique. I got to class early and sat on the floor in nothing but my panties, my bra pulled down below my nipples holding up my creation with the most innocent fuck me look I could muster. Needless to say it worked and I will be early more often!phone chat lines twitter

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