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When I got invited to my cousins sleep over I was less than thrilled. They were both guys and always mean to me. I did not want to go but my Aunt Victoria insisted that I would have a blast. Victoria was my mom’s sister. She seemed a lot more fun than my mom and at times I wondered how Victoria and her were ever related. When I got to her house the guys were nowhere to be found. At first I was confused and then I knew Victoria’s intentions. She smiled at me and brushed the side of my cheek with the back of her hand. She had been a Daddy’s girl when she was my age and I bet PaPa told her how much fun I was.
Victoria told me we were going to have some fun of our own and started to strip off my clothes. She sucked my teeny nipples into her mouth and started to play with them, rolling her tongue around them.

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I shoved my hand into her pants and started to rub her mature clit in circles. I could feel how wet she was getting and I just wanted to taste her juices on my tongue. I pulled up Victoria’s dress reveling her beautiful body.
I knelt down and my aunt Victoria propped her foot up on a chair in the kitchen. I shoved my finger in her cunt and started to suck on her cunt. Her juices were so sweet. She had me sit onto the table and she started to finger fuck my teen twat next. I moaned as my leg began to twitch. She then joined me on the table interlocking her legs in mine. Victoria and I rocked back and forth till we came all over each other. Victoria was always the best aunt, now we could get even closer.

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