Sugar and Spice

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Sugar and spice, naughty and nice that is what I am made of!

“Good afternoon. Welcome and how may I be of service today?”
If you visit me during the day, these are likely the words that you will hear me speak in a quiet and submissive voice that leaves absolutely no question in your mind or pants that I am here to meet your every need.
My boss choose me very carefully and my interview process went into great detail. My skill and proficiency in a variety of areas was tested extensively and by several men and woman.
I love catering to our clients and all of their needs both large and small.
It’s always a pleasure serving you~Renee

“Get on your fucking knees and lick my boots you worthless animal.”
If you visit me in the evening, these are the words you will hear me growl menacingly into your ear as I bite down on the lobe, hard. There will be no question of your place or mine.
I guess you could say I have a split personality. While I can be and I am very subservient during the day, I am equally dominant and demanding at night.
I am the superior female here and you are here for my pleasure and nothing else.
What you think, what you want, what you need is irrelevant.
You will crawl to me, beg for me and do anything and everything I tell you to do.
I have no patience or tolerance for insubordination or disobedience of any kind.
Test me and find out what it means to be punished for your inability to please me.
Consider yourself privileged that I choose to own you and let you serve me~Tabitha

Now that you know, who will you choose? Choose wisely and don’t confuse us…

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