Phone Chat Lines Love The Goth Girls

phone chat lines

I would have to say i am such a phone sex lines slut. What makes me way better than all of the rest of the phone chat numbers is that i am a punk goth princess with all kinds of spunk. I want to dive into your deepest darkest desires and have so much fun with them. I love being a bloody red goth queen for all of my clients. If you have a rape fantasy that you want to play out then i am the slut for you. 

Call me so that we can pick out a pretty little brat. Someone who has cutsie little pig tails. When i grab her up we can tie her down over your lap and give her a hard and rough spanking. Didn’t her mommy ever tell her not to talk to strangers. I will hold her up for you while you force fuck that little cunt deep inside of her ass hole. When we are done i will snuff out her life bike choking her. Then you can fuck me on her dead lifeless little slut body. 

phone chat numbers

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