Mommy Sex is Best

phone chat lines victoriaMommy sex is best. I love waiting at home, naked, with my legs spread for my brats to come home from school. School is out now, so that means we can have family fun all day long. Yesterday, it was just me and my son and a few of his well hung school pals hanging out at the pool. They could not believe my son had such a hot mom. I could not believe he had such handsome friends with such beautiful cocks.

I made them all take their cocks out so I could line them up from biggest to smallest. Surprisingly, my son had the smallest cock at 6 inches hard, which for his age is still quite impressive. I assured him he still had my favorite cock, but it would be rude to not take care of the guests first. I got on my knees and showed those young friends of his some southern hospitality. Drained their little peckers dry. Guzzled up all that boy jizz. I looked at my son as I was on all fours taking care of his pals. He looked so rejected. I felt bad. I had him come fuck mommy while I took care of his friends. Can’t have my son feeling like he doesn’t measure up!

A sexy mommy like me can multi task with boy cock. I have 3 fuck holes and two hands to entertain with after all! I left no boy feeling rejected from mommy’s love.

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