Bad To The Bone

phone chat numbers alanzaMy bitches and I are bad to the bone and we know it. That is why you want this pussy isn’t it? You like the thrill that a bad bitch brings. One you can’t control. One that will claw your back till you bleed because she wants to lick it up. One that screams “Fuck Me Harder” at the top of her lungs not giving a shit if the neighbors hear it or call the cops. A chick that can take a hard ass dick any way you want to give it to her and will go blow for blow with you giving you a run for your money. You want a bitch that will put any chick in line that needs it for you. Letting you watch while she beats that fucking ass and gets off on the fact that you stand there with a hard cock, jerking off as blood is shed just waiting for your chance to cum all over her body as it lays there covered in blood. We both know we will wait for her to regain consciousness and we will fuck right in front of her before pissing all over her and kicking her one more time before we walk away. Yeah you love this bad ass bitch and all she has to offer you and we both know it.

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