Call my phone chat numbers for some fun!

phone chat numbers“Call my phone chat numbers for some fun!” I yelled out the window to the bachelor party walking by on their bar crawl, I wasn’t sure if they would take me up on it but they were drunk and horny so they all called me! I invited them over and boy I almost ended up with more than I could handle cus there were 8 of them all drunk off their asses. They all wanted to fuck so I got naked and got started sucking dick, I was trying to handle them all without waking up my granddaughters but they were too loud and soon both little girls came walking out to see what was going on. Well they saw me sucking dick and they both wanted to play too so they both grabbed a cock and started sucking. The men were surprised that girls that age wanted to be naughty too but they were having too much fun to stop. We all got pounded for hours that night and loved every second of it too!

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