Community Service

phone chat numbers It could have been worse. Much worse.
The squad car just happened to be driving by as I was fucking up the church. He never hit the lights or siren. He just got out of the squad car and walked inside.
I don’t know how long he had been standing there watching me vandalize the joint with his “night stick” in his hand.
When I finally felt his eyes and I turned around, he was very close and his “night stick” was covered in his pre-cum.
He cuffed me and fucked me before taking me to the clink.
The judge gave me community service at the local old folks home.
As it turns out there were other deviant little bitches serving the same entrance and lots of horny old fuckers that needed to be laid.
I always thought older guys had dicks that had withered away and could not get hard.
Some of these guys were hung like horses and they got hard as a fucking rock before beating the shit out of my cunt.
I need to get in trouble more often.

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