Daddy’s Big Girl

age play fantasy

I always take care of Daddy’s cock. I am his little stress reliever! I have told him over and over I want to be a big girl, but he won’t even let me make my own sandwiches. One day I decided to do something about it and as soon as he came up to me I pulled down his pants quickly and shoved his cock in my mouth. He was so surprised of what I was doing that he couldn’t even keep up. He had no idea wt to do besides sit back and allow me to suck his cock dry. I knew that’s what he wanted and I was happy to give it to him, but what I really wanted was a little bit more. He exploded all over my face and I begged him to fuck my cunt but he would not. I begged and pleaded, I told him it was so very tight and all for him! But he wasn’t having it…he told me I was not going to be a big girl yet, I had more to learn 🙁

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