Daddys Lil Tease

Teasing Phone SexPeople are all too fast in jumping to sex…like seriously where did the foreplay go? Did everyone forget that such thing is an actual option? I think it is the new generation of people that are just too lazy to play around first it is almost like they just want it to be over! I guess I was raised different because Daddy does things differently, he comes from a generation where they actually spent time to build anticipation. His favorite way to have foreplay is to watch me touch myself and tell me exactly what he wants me to do. It turns me on and him as well. He always has me rubbing myself and circling my nipples. Sometimes he even gives me a toy and I let it vibrate on my clit while I finger myself and pull on my nipples. Daddy knows when I am about to cum because I start moaning so loud, he always stops me though, he wants all my cum for him, he needs to feel my pussy juices coat his big Daddy dick.

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