Daughter and Mommy Phone Chat Fun

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phone chat numbersHe walked through the door at attention. He had a very large tent in his pants. I didn’t even say hello. I just unzipped his pants and starting sucking his cock. Morgan joined me, taking his balls in her mouth. He was in heaven. You would be too. My daughter and I are very skilled cock suckers. We escorted him to the bed where Morgan sat on his face and I sat on his cock. I kissed my baby girl as she fucked our guest’s tongue. She rubbed my clit until I exploded on his cock. We switched positions. I wanted her to get his load of cum. I love licking jizz out of her pussy. He filled her cunt up too. As I was lapping up his seed in my daughter’s pussy, he got hard again, so I invited him to fuck my ass. Every thrust pushed me deeper in to my daughter’s well fucked hole. Of course after he deposited his second load up my back door, Morgan was rimming my ass to taste his spunk. Our handsome sugar daddy enjoyed us so much he left us a $1000 for our shopping fund. We love being rewarded for being good fucks. Maybe you can reward us with your cum?

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