Wanna get wild?

perverted phone sex (3)

You ever want to have some really perverted phone sex? I always have in mind something new and wild to do, as a girl like me has no limits at all. I’ll do anything really as you can clearly see. I just like to have someone that wants to be extra kinky and wild with me. I am the kind of girl that you can get to do anything including stuffing a load of lighters into my pussy. Like, how many did I even get in there? I think I literally shoved 5 lighters up this cunt! He asked for it and that’s what he got, and after he wanted my teen pussy to piss all over him, he knew I was a hot sexy babe, a horny sexy babe at that…who really had more than cum to relive. He was ready for the piss to be included too! Either way a pussy like me was feeling great as I got out all my piss and cum in one setting…if this doesn’t prove that I’ll do anything than I don’t know what will!

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