Dirty Mommy Phone Chat: Let My Brats be Your Playthings

mommy phone chatMommy phone chat with me is dirty mommy talk. I am not your nurturing, loving mommy. I am your accomplice mommy. I want you to help me break my brats in properly. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I love  fucking my little ones, so does their daddy. They have long been trained as family fuck slaves. It is just that I want them trained as sex slaves outside the family. I want fuck dolls I can pimp out. I want them to do whatever  you want them to do. I have three little girls of various ages, but none in college yet if you get what I am saying. That’s three pink little cunnies and three tight little assholes. Not even a hair on any baby girl pussy in my family. Now, if you prefer little boys, I can accommodate you there too. I have three little hairless cocks and balls with tight little butt holes that fit snug against man dicks. They can suck cock almost as good as their sisters. With a little more training, they might surpass their sisters’ dick sucking skills.  I am better than Thailand. Why? Because most of my brats are under the age of consent in that country! You can get younger meat at my house and not have to travel. I even have a hotel no tell on retainer. Several rooms belong exclusively to me for my family debauchery. They are magic rooms. Magic because your cock disappears in a small hole and it is a miracle it fit! I can film you with my brats for your spank bank too. I can even let you bring your friends for a gang bang party. Honestly, whatever desires or nasty fantasies you have about young ones, I can help you make them a reality. Let my brats be your play things.

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