Fat girls like to fuck.

phone chat numbers DelphineAre you a fatty fucker? Or maybe a closet fatty fucker? Big girls with rolls of flab turn you on. You love those big tits and wish you could slide your cock between them. You see a big fat ass and your cock throbs wishing you could push it into that fabulous warm pillow of plump goodness. You date a skinny chick and every time you fuck her, you hit bones. Or she complains that you’re too heavy. Not with a fatty. When you slide that cock into the padded pussy of a chubby, you get a bottomless pit of tight juicy pussy that’s meant to suck the cum from your balls. We don’t mess around. We love cock and aren’t shy about getting it. We fuck like we eat, with total abandon, and never waste a drop. When you’re ready to admit that you love fat girls, come on out of the closet and getcha some. I’ll be waiting with legs wide open.

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