Used By Daddy

phone chat numbers renaI am a natural pain slut. My daddy first started using me when I was very young and maybe I have become addicted. Even as a grown woman, I do not want a sweet, loving man. I live with my Daddy and allow him to use me and abuse me however he sees fit. I know that I am inferior to men and therefor, I am to submit to their every desire. My Daddy is my master. He owns me. He uses me sexually any time he wants to. He loves to cause me pain by beating me with whips and canes. He also puts large objects into my pussy and ass and laughs as he watches me cry. It is what I deserve because I am simply worthless as anything other than Daddy’s Little Subservient Whore. He owes a lot of gambling debts and the way he pays them off is by loaning me out to his debtors. Most of them do not know how to use me as well as Daddy does, but I must obey them as well, because they are my temporary masters.

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