Gabrielle Gone Wild

phone chat numbers GabrielleI am a bit on the curvy side and I know how to celebrate every inch of my body. I would love to have you along for the ride. I am the cocksuckers of all cocksuckers. I certainly know how to put away a dick, deep into my throat. Gag reflex, what’s that? Oh yeah I will swallow you whole without hesitation. I will have your legs shaking and body quivering, begging me to stop because you are not ready to release. Just as I bring you to the edge, I will have some mercy on you. But only to my advantage because I could go on for hours and what fun would that be if I let you cum 5 minutes into our playtime. Once you took a wet and wild ride in my warm slippery mouth I will take you on a tour deep inside of my tight moist pussy. Gripping my legs around your waist with every pump in, locking you there in place so that you can feel my pulsating walls hugging on your cock. Your fat swollen head shoved deep into me. Again you’re begging for me to let you go. And I do….I let you go inside of me…deep inside of me. Filling me up with that hot creamy man lava.

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