Granny Bernadette’s phone chat numbers

phoen chat numbersMy phone chat numbers are written on the walls of several truck stop bathrooms and I didn’t find this out until just yesterday! I probably never would have known at all except that one of my new callers told me that he found my number there and was in fact calling from that same bathroom, can you believe that? He told me that he had wanted to fuck his own grandma for years and was so happy to find a woman like me that would talk about it with him. He was acting like I was doing him a favor but honestly, talking about this kind of thing turns me on so I was enjoying his stories immensely. My pussy was soaking wet so I just fingered my clit the whole time he was talking, it was so fucking sexy that I actually squirted all over my bed by the time he was done! It was seriously hot as fuck, I hope that more men find me that way.

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