Granny kisses your boo-boos.

phone chat numbersPoor little boy with the sore raw cock. I know what you’ve been doing all night. You’ve been watching porn and flogging that cock. I could hear you through the wall moaning for grammy as you blew another load. I was rubbing my pussy furiously, thinking about how I wanted to come in and help you. It’s time to lose that cherry and be a man. I walk past your room again and press my ear to the door, listening to the sound of flesh on flesh. I’m waiting for you to moan my name this time and I’m opening that door. I’m gonna walk into that room, soothe that poor wounded dick with my soft lips and engulf that red head with my tongue. I want to hear you moan Grandma for me as I make you lose that first load. Molesting my grandson is going to be so much fun. You’ll never have to stroke alone again after you bury that face in my soft furry bush and tastes Mama’s juices. The night is young and you have so much to learn. All good mommies  and grams should train their sons from an early age. Why not adopt me as your mommy and let me train you too?  Shy guys and first timers always welcome.

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