Age Play Fantasy With Daddy

age play fantasy

I know Daddy is the proudest when his cock is hard and throbbing and he is cumming! I get off knowing that I’ve done a good job, that I’ve helped Daddy reach his ultimate climax. I know what all Daddies like best, let me tell you… You like us young and sweet, you like to see our perfect round titties bouncing in your face, just one little taste is all you want… Now you can’t stop thinking about my pussy; so pretty and pink, and you can barely put two fingers in! How did I get so tight? Are all girls my age so tight? Hehe, yes we are! You want to fuck me, but you actually wonder, will your big Daddy cock fit? Of course it will! Just shove it right in there, I will love it, guaranteed. Thinking about Daddy’s cock being shoved into my tight wet pussy makes me so extremely horny, I don’t mean to whine, but won’t you be my Daddy?

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