Granny phone chat is always fun!

granny phone chatGranny phone chat sometimes turns out to be so funny! There I was in my kitchen getting ready to scrub my stove, I was working but to be honest I was very busy so I figured I may as well get some housework done right? Well, the very second I put my kitchen gloves on and started spraying oven cleaner, that is when the phone rang. I just had to laugh because I didn’t even take a minute to take off the gloves I just answered the phone like that. I guess my caller could hear the giggle in my voice because he told me I sounded like I was in a really happy mood so I explained how I was dressed and to my surprise he wasn’t put off by it, he was excited! He said he loved the way those type of gloves felt against his skin, I guess his own grandma used to jerk him off with those gloves on when he was little. He asked me to take off everything but the gloves so he could see granny’s naked body while I stroked his little boy dickie with my gloved hands and he even touched me too, just the way I like it best. He was fingering granny’s pussy and making it feel oh so good but when he put his sweet mouth on my juicy slit I came all over his sweet face. I couldn’t help it, it just felt too good! I was going to kiss his lil dickie too but he wouldn’t let me, he was all about those kitchen gloves hehe. Oh it was so much fun to help my sweet boy cum so hard like that! He said that I brought a cherished memory back to life for him… now what could be better than that?

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