Granny’s Panty Boy

phone chat linesI know it’s wrong to have a favorite grand-angel  but I do. He just admitted to me that he wants to be a girl. I knew he had been stealing my panties for years and wearing them to school. He’s a fragile looking boy with a slim build and a round ass. Properly trained, he will be a goldmine. Tender young ass and boy-pussy eager to be fucked. Every old faggot’s dream. Even straight guys will look twice when he walks into a room. I intend to make him the hottest tranny whore in town.
Yes, I am one kinky, warped granny and I love sharing my stories of family fun with you. Let me regale you with tales of training my grandbrats. Or maybe you have a P-story of your own that you need to share. Sounds like a mutual jerk-off for both of us. Call me for the best phone chat lines experience ever!!

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