Unexpected fun

granny phone chatLast night was such an unexpectedly sexy night. My little grandbrats were staying the night as they often do, I had set up the living room for them and it was perfect. Any other little one would be envious and grateful, I thought to myself when my grandbrats didn’t as much as say thank you when I put their favorite candy and popcorn! I laid back on the couch as they got comfy on the floor in front of me, it was movie time which meant nap time for me – or so I thought. I had just dozed off when I felt something warm in between my legs and all the way up to my pussy.  I was instantly turned on and when I looked down I got even wetter. My lovely grandbrats were sharing their appreciation, after all! I moaned and pushed those cute faces deeper into my cunt, just dying for that tongue to be deeper in my wet cunt. They did as I taught them and made me cum HARD in those little faces – I couldn’t help but reward them with more candy!

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