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Teen Sex Blog NikkiSo today’s entry into my teen sex blog will venture into a new fetish that I find super hot! I had a very kinky guy tell me he wanted to become my personal eight inch dildo! I was confused at first but then he explained. He loved swimming in the imagined mouth of a huge pussy. So I just went with it, and he about had a stroke he came so hard! I told him I was going to feed him some special cakes. You know, like in the story of the rabbit hole and that dumb blonde! They will say “Eat Me” on them just like in the story. Slowly his body becomes this tiny little toy. Naked and his tiny cock just standing at attention. I lower my breast to his mouth and his sucking is so soft and faint that it feels just like a warm wind blowing lightly. I lay back and spread open my pussy lips as he tightens his body. I lower him into my hungry cunt and he is sucked in so tight! Then I feel something even more erotic then I could ever imagine. He jumps up and down and grabs my clit with his mouth and sucks hard while he is pressing on all of my fleshy walls! I put my fingers down by my sex, and he grabs a hold of my finger. I pull him out an inch and drop him in again. In and out my little toy plays with my cunt! Then when I am about to cum, he slides right into my asshole! All lubed up with cunt juice he pushes hard against the walls of my butt! Causing me to cum so hard! And when I open my eyes, he is laying on my tummy, dropping his hot load into my belly button! I snap my fingers and bring him back to full size. Passion takes over and I had never been so fucked raw in my life! I do believe I am going to like all the new dirty things to write about in my teen sex story!Teen Sex Story Nikki

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