He called my phone chat numbers

phone chat numbersThis pervy old guy called my phone chat numbers and asked me to get the brats ready cus he was coming over to fuck them. Shit I was ready already cus I was needing to get high bad so I pulled the brats out of bed and told them to get ready to get fucked. They cried and whined but mommy did not give a fuck about none of that, I needed to party and they were gonna pay for mommy’s habit. He showed up with party supplies for me and he had cash too so I told him he could do whatever he wanted to the little assholes. I even gave the little shits a pill or two to get them to be compliant and after that it was all sunshine and smiles. They were letting him do whatever he wanted to do and even if it hurt them they were begging for more just like mommy taught them to. Not gonna lie, it was getting me all kinds of fucking horny too so I jumped in and got me some dick too. This is the way I wanna spend the whole quarantine, fucking and sucking and getting high as fuck!

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