Hot Phone Chat About Big Boobs

hot phone chat big tits BBWI want to have some hot phone chat about big tits. The kind that bounce. I find that big bouncy boobs like mine are a great thing to flaunt. Don’t you think? If more girls with big bouncy boobs walked around this world with no bra on, I think the world would be a nicer place. Are you ever in a bad mood after seeing a nice pair of tits? Especially if those tits are swinging back and forth in your face in a hypnotic rhythm? Today, I proved my point about big swinging jugs making this world a better place. I was at the grocery store when this man became totally irate. He caused a scene over a cashier forgetting to apply a coupon.

The poor cashier was crying, the line was backed up, so I took matters into my own tits, um I mean hands. I had on a ribbed tank top, no bra. I doused a little bottled water on my jugs, approached the man and bounced as I talked him down off the ledge. I don’t think he heard a word I said. But, his eyes were mesmerized by my swinging boobies. He calmed the fuck down, apologized and life went on. My boobs have a lulling effect on men. The guy behind me knew just what I did and high fived me. “My girlfriend uses her boobs to break up fights all the time,” he informed me.

You see folks breasts are weapons of peace. They can bring harmony where there is discord; love where there is hate; and joy where there is anger. Big bouncy breasts make the world a better place.

big bouncy tits

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