Hot Phone Chat about Weird Places to Fuck

hot phone chatDo you like hot phone chat about public fucking? I never really considered myself an exhibitionist until I took tennis lessons recently. My instructor was wicked hot. I was taking lessons at this swank country club. I clearly didn’t fit in. But I did my best to not draw attention to myself. But one day, I got so hot and bothered when he was behind me helping me with my swing. I felt his hard cock press against my tight ass and I couldn’t keep up the facade of high class and respectability. I turned around grabbed his cock and blew him on the tennis court in front of all sorts of high falutin people, including our mayor. It was a weird place for a trailer park whore like me to be in the first place, let alone getting nasty. I thought he would push me off his cock, but instead he spun me around and pushed me over the tennis net.

My little white skirt came up and my spanks came down. He started fucking my ass on the tennis court of the swankest country club in town. Pretty sure I gave some old folks heart failure. But I needed his cock in me so bad. He filled me with spunk. It was running down my thighs as I tried to adjust my skirt and act like I didn’t just fuck in front of the Golden Girls. I think they were too stunned to say anything. The next time I showed up for a lesson, I discovered my membership had been revoked. I wasn’t upset. I still got a good fuck story out of it and a really good fuck.

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