My Best Friend’s Daddy

phone chat numbers summerI’m a daddy’s girl. I love older men. I guess my daddy ruined me for age appropriate men. I was at a party this weekend and my best friend’s dad was there. Salt and peppered sexy older guy. I wanted him. I knew he was supposedly happily married and my best friend’s daddy, but when I want a guy, I go after him, and I always get him. I saw him slip into the bathroom. I waited for him to come out, then pushed him back inside. I locked the door. I kissed him, while my hand pulled his cock out of his jeans. I slid down his body, and fed myself some man cock. Gave him a deep throat blowjob no wife would ever deliver. He was moaning, palming the back of my head. No protesting, no resisting; he was totally into it.
He pulled me up before he blew his load. Kissed me fully on the lips while he slipped fingers into my baby girl pussy. Now I was moaning. He turned me around, pulled my dress up over my heart shaped ass and pushed his hard cock in my pussy. I sucked my cunnie juice off his fingers as he slipped in and out of my pretty pink pussy. He came deep inside me. My whole body shuddered with delight. He left the bathroom first, I followed a few minutes later. My pussy was filled with the cum of my best friend’s daddy. I always get the object of my lust.

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