I love all Daddies.

phone chat numbersMy Daddy says teen girls are the best because they have tiny tits and tight pussy. He has friends who call phone chat lines to play with teen girls because they don’t have a daughter like he does. I love the games that daddy and I play, but sometimes I like other daddies, too. My best friends has a hot daddy. he doesn’t even know I have a crush on him but someday I will have his cock. I babysit for another daddy and he has the hots for me. I love teasing this daddy and making his cock hard. I’m not ready to do more. There’s another daddy who likes to call me and pretend that I am his daughter. I make him stroke his cock, but everytime he gets close to cumming, I make him stop, then start over again. I love the way he moans when I finally let him empty his nuts.
Most of all, I love my daddy. I’m his little fuck doll and cum dumpster. He loves to play tickle games and treat me like I am really young. I have such tiny tits and a little girl voice that he cannot not resist. When he pushes his huge cock into my small slit, I know I am a spoiled girl who can get anything I want.
Would you like to fill my teen ass, pussy, or mouth up with cum? Force me to comply to your demands? How about some ageplay or phone sex rape fantasies? Make me that naughty little slut who teases you or your own sweet daughter. We’ll have such fun, Daddy.

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