I love my sexy phone chat numbers

phone chat numbersI love having my dirty phone chat numbers because it introduces me to so many really pervy guys. I love getting all these new ideas on what to do with my family members young and old. One man gave me some great ideas on how to punish my grandson, now you know me, I hate to be a mean granny but sometimes they need punishment whether I want to punish them or not. My grandson has a naughty little habit of going in my panty drawer and jerking off into my clean panties and then putting them back. As if I wouldn’t notice the old crusty cum in them! So I took those dirty panties out of my drawer and make him lick his own cum out of them and then I made him wear those panties and jerk off in front of all of us even tho he didn’t want to. I told him that next time he wanted to dirty up my panties I would make him into a little sissy boy so he better just be good!

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