I made them just like me!

grandma sex blogI really knew ever since I was little that I was going to grow up this way. My family and I were all about the nasty freak life…the incest sex and family fun…all of it. Why not do the same for my sons and daughters? And of course it continued on… they did it to their little ones and I did it to their little ones. I became a dirty grandma. I knew it was coming, how could I not keep touching them like I was touched? I need to have my needs taken care of just like my Mommy and Daddy had theirs taken care of when I was nice and young…I didn’t want it at first and neither did my grandbrats, but I was ready to make them like it, make them naughty, filthy, dirty minded whores. That’s what I love about being a dirty grandma, changing those innocent little ones into naughty, nasty little freaks just like me.

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