Mommy can spot a Sissy

phone chat linesGive me a line-up of men and I can pick the sissies every time. I love my sissy boys and I can spot them in a crowd. There’s something about a sissy that melts my mommy heart and pussy. Yes, I see you across the room and I know the truth already. You’re not here to pick up girls. You want to be the girl. You have panties on under those jeans and a spot of wetness appears as you check out the guys and try to imagine their penises. You wish one of these men would notice you and take you home. Give you what you ultimately want. You want to be dominated and “forced” to suck cock and eat cum. You want to be on your knees as one of these men rubs his thick cock against your man-pussy and opens you up.
You spot me smiling at you and you head my way, curious. You can tell that I see through your facade. Are you ready to share your dirty secret with Mommy? This Mommy will help you become the girl of your dreams and give you the guidance you need. Come tell me what’s keeping you awake and hard tonight. We’ll jerk off together as we explore that side of your sexuality.

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