I’m your dream come true

pregnant phone sexIt was like your dream come true, everything you ever wanted was becoming real. You finally found a naughty mommy that didn’t mind you using her brats and in fact her little brats loved to be used. You already know, I’m that mommy. You can do whatever you want to my little ones, they need nothing more than cock in their life and I feel the same. It gets me wet when you fuck their tiny bald cunts and I will even help you get the job done. You can slip your cock right into this young tight cunt. Try and part those little lips with your cock, take turns fucking all my brats. I have so many, and one on the way. You can always make more! I will always make more! I love to suck your  cock after it’s been buried deep into one of my little ones. They taste so yummy on your cock and I must lick them all off. I know one of my lucky brats is just waiting and begging to have her pussy filled up with that hot sticky cum of yours, mmm she just need that cock slamming deep into  her tiny cunny and filled up with cum, then she’ll be a whore like mommy. Which one will you choose? I have so many that are begging for your cum. So many to choose from…

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