We All Need Heroes

Phone chat numbersEveryone has a hero that they have looked up to or have taken strength from in times of strife.  My heroes just tend to be more … unique.  I grew up in a different environment than your average person.  My foster Mother thought I was evil, and she was scared of me.  With good reason.  There aren’t many who actually “like” me, but that is okay.  I have always been a bit of loner.

Back to my Heroes.  All of mine tend to be those who are along the lines of more violent in nature. I feed off of their depravity.  I take comfort knowing that if it were possible, they would be my kindred.  We would spend night after night doing all the things that they do so well.  I would revel in the pure evil nature of it all.  It would bring out my lustful nature in full force.

I know I’m pretty damn beautiful and that helps so much in gaining the trust of those who I play with.  I go in soft and slow only to later bring a world of pain down upon those sweet no longer innocent things that lay below me.  Oh, and those friends that I have? The must have the same heroes I have because they sure do love playing along right with me.

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