Lesbian phone chat with Tara

All we were doing was fighting, arguing and we were stuck in the cabin because of the snow. This Snow storm started out as fun and then turned into a huge fight! Everything Cara did drove me nuts. She would go out side to use the out house and she would track snow in behind her. She would drag all through the cabin! I don’t want to be in this fucking storm and I really don’t want to step on melted ice. So when she came back into the cabin after the 5th time I have told her to take her shoes off outside, she comes in with snow.

Lesbian phone chat

She took her shoes off right living room, threw her big coat on the ground and walked away. I have had enough. I grabbed 2 handfuls of snow, walked up behind her and slapped her in the face with the snow. She turned around and pushed me. I grabbed a hold of her shirt and it ripped as she pushed me away. She screamed as I laughed in her face and she fucking ripped my shirt! I tackeled her down to the floor where I sat on her chest. Just to piss her off even more I started grinding my clit into her chest. Oh fuck it felt so good that I wanted more. I had her pinned down all I had to do was sit on her fucking face and eat my pussy!

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