Mature Phone Chat About Little Dicks

mature phone chat pcnMature phone chat includes many subjects ranging from mommy sex calls to a variety of fetishes that only a mature woman understands. I’m a hot MILF who enjoys fucking. The older I have become, the more accepting I have become of a wide variety of fetishes. Although I enjoy cuckolding, I am not accepting of little dicks. Luckily, I don’t have to be. A sexy momma like me, built like a brick house, doesn’t have to actually fuck little dicks. Men try all the time, but get shut down. My years have made me wise. I have a strict no little dicks policy. Just like those signs that say you must be so tall to ride this ride at amusement parks; I have a ruler that says you must be this long to fuck my pussy. So when a man falls short, he sits in the corner and waits for me to usher in a real man to do the job. I fucked a stud with 11 inches last night in front of my husband because he is not long enough to give this pussy the kind of ride it needs. He has never been long enough for this amusement ride.

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