Hurt Me Good Daddy

phone chat numbers leslieDaddy, oh Daddy. I want you to hurt this little body so very bad! Your cute little teen daughter is counting on you for some of the naughtiest things you’ve ever thought of…all those filthy thoughts you’ve been having I’ve been having too Daddy! I am horny like you are and need you and only you to take care of me. Do you think you are up for the task Daddy? I know that you’re thinking about touching this little body, these tiny little nipples…and dominating my perfect little ass too. Am I right, Daddy? How could you resist my little body? I am so cute and tiny and innocent…it makes you want to violate me every way, doesn’t it? Mmm…come do it Daddy. Come wake me up with your cock and make me take it all, hurt me and make cry and beg you to stop but you can’t and you won’t because you know how bad your little girl wants it…come on Daddy come hurt me.

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