Mature Phone Chat on My Chat Line Phone Numbers

mature phone chat linesMature phone chat is what you get when you call my chat line phone numbers. I do not giggle. I don’t just moan. I don’t make you do all the work. With age comes experience. I am well versed on a variety of kinks and fetishes that young girls just have no clue about. Case in point. I got a call today from a guy with a two inch dick. This poor fool thought I would fuck him with a clit stick because silly school girls are too young and dumb to know size matters.

chat line phone numbersIf you have a nice cock, a man sized cock, you will get a much different phone sex experience. If you call a hot mature woman, we know that not every dick deserves the same cookie cutter phone bone experience. Big cocks get sucked and fucked. Little dicks get teased and denied. If you call me with a small little click stick, then sissy humiliation phone sex is more likely what you will receive. Look at me? Do I look like I give mercy fucks? Do I look like I give a fuck if you are paying me? Standards. Mature live phone whores have them. Little coed phone sluts are not seasoned enough to know not all cocks deserve the same phone sex experience.

sissy humiliation phone sexSo my caller today got to experience a much different phone call than accustomed too. I dressed him like the pansy ass loser he is in pink panties and shamed him for his little dick. I had him put a dildo up his ass while my girl friends laughed at his sissy clit. He never came harder. Deep down inside tiny dick guys know they don’t measure up. They know they don’t deserve to fuck a hot woman. But they need to call the phone chat numbers of hot MILFS who know exactly what they need.

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