Mommy Phone Chat: Boys will be Boys

mommy phone chat pcnMommy phone chat is how I spend my days while my sons are in school. I miss them when they are not around. I know they miss me too. I got a call this afternoon that my youngest son was caught whacking his little pecker in the boys’ room. The school acted like he had committed some horrible crime. I bet boys of all ages rub one out in bathrooms all over the place 24/7. I talk to guys all the time who are stroking it in the bathroom while their wives sleep. Or to horny men at work who duck into the business john as not to get caught. Pretty sure my son is not the first boy to ever yanky his wanky in a school bathroom either. I had to go down to school to bail my son out of trouble as the principle was threatening to expel him. I wore something sexy so I could flirt him out of trouble. My son knew what I was up too. A couple hand brushes to the thigh; leg crosses and cleavage shots and the principle had to excuse himself for a moment. My eldest son was waiting for him in the bathroom stealth like. When he heard the slapping of the meat, he put the phone over the stall and gave us bargaining material. My son had texted me the picture of the principle jacking off in the bathroom before he even returned to his office. Funny, when presented with the picture of his dick in his hand, my son was suddenly no longer expelled. In fact the whole incident was expunged from his record. I had to do whatever I could to get my son out of trouble, even phone sex blackmail. I mean he was only jacking off in the school bathroom because I sent him a nude selfie.

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