Mothers Unite

phone chat numbers christinaWhen P-mommies get together anything can happen. Yesterday was just such an occasion. We met at my house with all the little ones. We had just finished lunch and were about to go out back for some family fucking and skinny dipping fun when my oldest showed up with a friend. There was no hiding the fact that we were smack in the middle of P-mommy fun. He had never been here before. I looked down and the lump in his jeans from his dick that was getting nice and hard brought a smile to my face. My friends and I went to work welcoming him right away. We undressed him and laid him down on the couch. I mounted him cowgirl style (my favorite position) with my fellow Mommies on either side of me helping me drive him wild. We love fresh meat and initiating a new young dick into the family fold. By the time we were done, he was panting and sweaty and we knew he would be visiting more often.

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