My Phone Chat Lines: I Love Panty Boys

phone chat linesMy phone chat lines are always open to any topic. I am a fetish mommy. I enjoy being a sissy mom as well as talking to men with a wide range of fetishes like enjoying mommy’s panties. Are you a panty boy? I am an older mommy. I have two sets of offspring from two husbands two decades apart. So, I have older sons and daughters whom are married and starting their own families, and I have school age tykes again. Something that my sons from both marriages share is a love for my sexy undergarments. I am old school when it comes to my lingerie. I like wearing bra and panty sets; garters and stockings; baby dolls and teddies and even pantyhose. My teen daughter puts on a thong and calls it sexy lingerie. I have schooled her in the art of sexy. My sons appreciate my lingerie style. None of my boys have ever been able to refrain from playing with my panties. It starts off with stealing dirty panties from my hamper to smell and jack off into, but it always ends with them wearing my panties. So if you enjoy panty boy phone sex, I have real experience with this fetish. I tend to be a nurturing, sweet mommy who encourages panty wearing; however, sometimes I have to put men in panties, including a couple sons, because they have small dicks. Every mother understands that small dicks get lost in boxers or regular boring men’s underwear. Mommy’s panties keep little clits secure. It doesn’t matter why you like to wear panties. I love panty boys. It could be because you have a small pecker or it could be because you enjoy the silky feel of satin against your cock and balls. As a mother of several panty boys, I can’t wait to explore your panty fetish with you.

panty boy phone sex

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