New year new slave pet

phone chat numbersI am a new slave pet to the guy that moved down the street from me. I went to greet him and his girlfriend. They were moving in and I wanted to welcome them in. I guess they liked what they saw and assumed I would make their perfect subby slut. They drugged me and made sure that I endured some pain. I only thought these things happened in roleplays whenever you called phone chat numbers or porn scenes. It was very much reality being their slave. I woke up tied up and gagged. They were both going to use me till they felt necessary. I was beyond content being a pathetic slut. I could feel them both rip me up inside. They were using me till I bled. I could feel my pussy rip open with each stab. She was pegging me with her strap on. His cock was so huge and thick just pounding me till I could take no more. I was bound to be brainwashed.

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