Phone Chat Numbers for Mommy Sex

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers are all over the Internet, so how do you know which ones to call? I am the woman you call if you have mom fantasies or are a P man. I have grown and school age offspring. I have fucked all my sons. I mean why wouldn’t I, right? I have them under my roof. It is like a gift from above begging to be fucked. I don’t understand women with straight sons who don’t fuck them when they enter their sexual awakening stage. Boys of a certain age become best friends with their cocks. They steal mommy’s panties. They jack off to images of their mommy. They are horny 24/7 and they need release. They need to dump their seed in a warm wet hole, and that warm wet hole should be mommy’s hole. I never have denied my boys what they need. I am not denying my youngest either. Incest is good for boys and girls. It teaches them about sex: how to give and receive pleasure. Personally, I think it is a mom’s obligation to make her sons and daughters good lovers for others. Do you agree?

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